December 2023 Update

The Trustees of EOS-UK Charity Fund have at long last managed to transfer funds to ECVW, the Children's 'Village' ('orphanage') in Wukro, Tigray, on 19 December 2023. In normal times, transfers were made every quarter, but the last time the Trustees managed to transfer funds was November 2022. Since then, the Trustees had been waiting for over a year as ECVW was trying to establish itself as a Charity with its own bank account, separate from its parent organisation, the Eshaday Relief and Rehabilitation Association (ERDA). But as the negotiations were still dragging on, the Trustees of EOS-UK Charity Fund had been looking for other routes of transferring the funds. The Trustees finally managed to transfer the accumulated funds (£15,000) with the co-operation of Verein Kinderheim Selam or Selam Charity Switzerland, ECVW’s new partner in Switzerland.

Selam Charity Switzerland (SCS) took ECVW under its wings in the past year. SCS already runs three centres in other parts of Ethiopia – at Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa and Hawassa - and is strong on vocational education. The children at ECVW, therefore, stand for a more certain future. With its other operations, SCS will obviously find it easier to get funds into Ethiopia even though ECVW still has no bank account of its own while it waits to set itself up as an independent charity.

Season's greetings

The Trustees of EOS-UK Charity Fund would like to wish Happy Season's Greetings to all the Charity’s donors and supporters.