4 March 2023 Update

The Trustees of EOS-UK Charity Fund held their AGM for the financial year ending 31 December 2022 on 7 March 2023 and were pleased to receive the following eagerly-awaited update from ECVW a few days before that.

On a positive note:

  1. The children and staff [at ECVW] are in good health, and doing well.

  2. Our other donor-partners have been so understanding that they continued to provide ECVW help through the difficult times.

  1. The merchants here are cooperating with us in providing the necessities in kind on a credit basis.

  2. The price of food and other basic necessities have fairly come down. Inflation is still a major problem in the entire country, but – compared to the wartimes – prices have somewhat stabilized.

  3. We have accepted 15 new children (8 boys & 7 girls) as part of the 160 children, i.e. to replace the same number of youth / young adults who have left the Village to start life on their own.

  4. Ten of the new children are direct victims of war, i.e. who have lost both or the breadwinner parent to the war. The five come from families who have been affected by the war, i.e. who lost their livelihood thus unable to provide for their children.

  5. As communicated before, our desire is to bring the number of children to a total of 200. However, that has to wait until financing is somehow secured.

  6. While formal education has not yet started, every effort is made to keep the children active and busy through tutoring, and special classes such as musical instrument playing.

  7. Six youth whose prospective university enrollment was interrupted by the war are now enrolled in Addis Ababa, Arsi, Jimma and Dire Dawa Universities.

  8. The farm is returning to a relative norm. Wheat was harvested in December and is being utilized for the children’s consumption as well as for sale / income generation. Vegetables are being produced. Obtaining seeds was a major problem, but since the road to Addis opened, we have been able to obtain seeds.

  9. Over the years, the work we do at Wukro has somewhat become divergent from that of the Head Office/ our parent organisation (ERDA – Elshdai Relief and Development Association). Currently, ERDA is mainly working on Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Kalamino, while our work, as you know, is nurturing and capacitating orphan and half-orphan children from childhood to adulthood. The two are, therefore, looking at their future working relationships.

    Nurturing and Capacitating children
    Nurturing and Capacitating children


On the downside:

  1. While, as stated above, we are doing relatively better, the situation in the region is still dire. The war-displaced living in IDP camps, at church gates and on city streets have been unable to return to their homes.

  2. Public servants as well as employees of several organizations and companies still are not paid their salaries, thus living under extreme poverty.

    As a result, there are numerous requests for financial and material support or placement of children to the Village. Unfortunately, ECV is not in a position to reach out to others, which is disheartening.

  3. Crime is on the rise, and there is a sense of uncertainty and insecurity even in our peaceful Village.

  4. The health facilities and healthcare is in a very sad condition. “Don’t get sick during this time” has become the mantra.

  5. School has not yet started. ECV is willing and ready to open the school, but we have to wait for the Bureau of Education’s permission.

  6. Universities and colleges in Tigrai have not yet opened. This means that students, including our youth, who were enrolled and could potentially enroll in universities in Tigrai, are still unable to do so.

  7. Lastly, while we are very grateful and highly appreciate of the funds EOS-UK Charity Fund sent us in November 2022, which arrived when funds were desperately needed, we would like to kindly ask the Trustees hold on to any further funds until the banks become fully functional. We may also need to advise you on new instructions for the transfer.

Thank you!