AGM 2019

The Trustees of EOS-UK Charity Fund held a successful AGM on 10 March 2019 for the Charity’s financial year ending 31 December 2018. The Trustees annual report and annual financial report were presented and agreed on after some discussion. The honorary treasurer indicated that EOS-UK had transferred £10,648 to Elshadai Wukro Children’s Village (EWCV), our beneficiary, during the financial year. Of this, £7,633 was for child nurturing (child sponsorship) and £3015 was towards the avocado trees growing project – ‘the fish and the fishing rod’. Our sister Charity FECIN (Friends of Ethiopian Children in Need), had also provided £1000 to the project in 2018. EOS-UK expects to transfer some £3500 for the project this year. This leaves a balance of approximately £4200 to be found in 2019/20

In addition, the Trustees passed three resolution concerning the appointments and resignation of officers holding official positions within the Charity and discussed the work plan for 2019.

EOS-UK and FECIN to amalgamate

FECIN had proposed in November 2018 that the two charities amalgamate. However this AGM would have been the first time the Trustee of EOS-UK Charity Fund as a body had the chance to discuss the legal and practical difficulties that might be involved although they very much welcomed the proposal. Fortunately, the Trustees of FECIN made it easier for everybody by informing EOS-UK by email a week before the AGM that the trustees had had another meeting recently and agreed “that we close FECIN as soon as possible, and encourage those who pay standing orders to us to transfer their allegiance to you [EOS-UK Charity Fund]”.

The Trustees of EOS-UK Charity Fund accepted this proposal and expressed their sincere respect and admiration for members of FECIN for all that they have done to support the children at EWCV for over a quarter of a century, and wished them well for the future. They noted that FECIN’s contributions were too numerous to mention but that its ‘footprints’ were clearly visible everywhere to those who have visited EWCV. The Trustees further stated that any members of FECIN who choose to transfer their standing orders to EOS-UK Charity Fund would indeed be most welcome as associate members1 of EOS-UK and continue their long association with EWCV (Elshadai Wukro Children’Village). In addition, since EOS-UK’s Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) constitution allows for up to 12 trustees, and there are only eight trustees at present, these members of FECIN would be welcome to be nominated to one of the four places, or indeed any such vacancies that may arise in the future.

  1. (According to the CIO’s constitution, the trustees are the ONLY members of the Charity. However, the Trustees have passed a by-law by which all the regular supporters of the charity become associate members and they are invited to the AGM and sent copies of the annual report and annual financial report).